What Does A Decentralized Application Offer Its Users

What Does A Decentralized Application Offer Its Users

A decentralized application, dapps, is a service provider using blockchain technology. The use of blockchain technology eliminates the involvement of an intermediary, which grants users a significant amount of control over their data.


Apps have become helpful on a daily for the majority of people. Some of the many use cases for everyday use involve sending emails, paying for parking, locating nearby stores or restaurants, and many more. In accordance with traditional systems of ownership and control, customers typically give their personal information to the company offering the service.


When it comes to a decentralized application, the user gains more control over their data because there is no notion of trusting someone else with their personal info. Some individuals are hesitant to use dapps, but there has been progress. Hundreds of dapps exist today on the Ethereum network, some more efficient than others; however, in the long run, this will give dapps a successful future. Many believe that the upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 can help dapps work smoothly.

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What Does A Decentralized Application Offer Its Users 5


Decentralized applications on the Ethereum network work hand in hand with blockchain technology to connect users. With a distributed system, where each user has a copy of the records, blockchains provide a means to connect everything. Users don’t have to go through a third party when using blockchain technology, which means they retain control over their data.

Centralized organizations are, by default, in control of the information entering and leaving their networks. Financial institutions, for instance, can prevent transactions from being sent, and Twitter can remove tweets from its site. On dapps, these actions are nearly impossible, which gives users the control they seek.

A decentralized application doesn’t have a precise definition; however, its characteristics can more or less pass on the message. 

– The system is open source, meaning that the public has access to the code with permission to look at, copy, and audit it.

– Since no central authority is in charge, users can do what they want on the decentralized app.

– When there is no central authority, how is the app functioning? Dapps use blockchain technology (Ethereum) to keep the network rolling.

– The use of smart contracts on decentralized applications automatically brings specific rules and regulations for the network.

– The globality of dapps allows people worldwide to use the network and its features.

What Does A Decentralized Application Offer Its Users
What Does A Decentralized Application Offer Its Users 6

Dapp Use Cases

The Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin published the Ethereum white paper in 2013, categorizing dapps in three ways.

Financial apps – Applications in which money takes a big part.

Financial applications are also known as decentralized finance or DeFi. To improve financial applications, many have used blockchains such as Ethereum and stablecoins as well as other coins that can stabilize the prices of cryptocurrencies.

Semi-financial apps – Decentralized applications that use money and need additional components, including data from sources other than the Ethereum network. A semi-financial app is similar to a financial app; however, in Buterin’s words, it mixes money with “a heavy non – monetary side.”

Other apps – All other kinds of decentralized apps, such as those for online voting and data storage, that developers are working hard to create. For example, the development of a censorship-resistant, decentralized social network.

The Challenges of a Decentralized Application

As dapps have only recently been introduced, developers are greeted with problems they need help solving. The Ethereum blockchain begins to work slower as it gains popularity due to network congestion. Although scalability problems are a common issue with standard apps, these problems are made worse in a decentralized environment. It requires some kind of cooperation and coordination between several stakeholders.

The Future of Decentralized Application

What Does A Decentralized Application Offer Its Users
What Does A Decentralized Application Offer Its Users 7

Within the next ten years, the growth of dapps is expected to be great. Although a completely decentralized world is yet to be a reality, Dapps provide people with a simpler way to use blockchain technology. Soon enough, it may become a part of our everyday life, helping cut costs and other benefits.

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What Does A Decentralized Application Offer Its Users
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