Amazon Stock: AWS Is Rolling Over (NASDAQ:AMZN)


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Founder And CEO Of Amazon Jeff Bezos Speaks On Advances In Artificial Intelligence

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The Thesis

I’ve covered Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) twice before, first recommending a “Sell” in mid-2022, then upgrading to a “Hold” at the end of last year. Amazon’s since rallied 45%, but I think it’s

E-Commerce Operating Income $8.7 Billion
AWS Operating Income $21.1 Billion
Interest Expense (Net) ($1.4 Billion)
Earnings Before Income Tax $28.4 Billion
Income Tax Expense ($3.6 Billion)
Normalized Net Income $24.8 Billion

Normalized EPS (Diluted) $2.40
Compound Annual Growth Rate 13%
Year 10 EPS $8.15
Terminal Multiple 19x
Year 10 Share Price $155
Compound Annual Returns 1.5%

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