These 3 Altcoins Hit All-Time Lows Today

ICP, SUI and APE are three cryptocurrencies that fell to new all-time lows yesterday. The decrease was seen in the rest of the market.

Crypto Analyst Breaks Down ‘Largest Liquidation Event in 2023’, Pointing to Possible Reasons for BTC’s Tumble

A widely followed crypto analyst is diving into Bitcoin's (BTC) latest crash which has brought the rest of the digital assets market down with it.

Bitcoin Ordinals’ Sales Volume Plummets Over 97% Since May Peak: DappRadar

Bitcoin Ordinals have seen a consistent decline in sales volume and transactions since June, possibly signaling waning interest in Bitcoin NFTs.

Tokenization News Roundup: Consolidation Coming

A weekly digest of articles, reports and analyses about tokenized RWAs, the fast-growing financial instruments that merge traditional finance to the blockchain.

Ethereum: Optimism around futures ETF approval fuels recovery

The development broke when the entire crypto market was undergoing a massive correction. This, in turn, acted as a catalyst for the cryptocurrency's recovery.

Bitcoin price drops to a two month low — Did pro traders benefit?

A massive amount of traders were liquidated as BTC price dropped to $25,300, but was it primarily retail traders that were washed out?

Curve Crisis Averted, NFT Loans Protocol Now Votes on Next Steps

JPEG’d DAO voters are deciding how to account for a $1 million bounty.

LiFi launches multi-bridge governance solution after Uniswap debate

The aggregator has been released as cross-chain DAOs like Uniswap face questions about securing governance votes between chains.

Why Raising Capital Is Becoming a Challenge for Crypto Startups

Crypto startups face funding hurdles due to declining VC investments, tighter regulations, and a shift in investor focus towards AI.

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