Stocks Vs. Cryptocurrency

Stocks Vs. Cryptocurrency

Stocks vs. cryptocurrency; they have their similarities and differences. You’re probably wondering what the difference is between the two and soon enough it’ll all be clear. Let’s start with stocks – a stock initially represents a percentage of the business. It stands as the value of a company and the value changes based on the company’s performance in the market. 

Cryptocurrency on the other hand is a digital asset that can be stored and traded digitally. Its value changes based on the market demand, supply, and adoption. Cryptocurrency comes with certain risks in particular its volatility. It can often dramatically rise and in this case, investors see it as a huge win. While bitcoin has reached its record high of ,000 within a month the stock market was no different. Therefore, to tell you to invest in one and not the other we cannot do because the confusion between the two is unsolved. 

What do the two have in common?

Both stocks and cryptocurrency are types of investments.  The crypto market has been a digital asset from the very beginning. However, the stock market initially worked a little differently. Today, although both are digital assets. They offer a similar user experience in terms of the layout, presented, and trading options. Stocks and cryptocurrency may sound similar in the buying and selling view however they have their underlying differences. 

How do the two differ?

When buying a stock, you are investing in a particular company and hoping it will grow. When buying crypto you are either using it as a digital asset or it can be used as a way of payment through trading. Cryptocurrency popularity has come about because of its leniency and decentralized nature. Anybody can become a creator, perform transactions and invest in bitcoin. Stocks on the other hand need to be created and cleared by government agencies.  Therefore, due to the government’s security and backup of the stock market, there is little risk for fraud. Crypto on the other hand is completely different because of its decentralized nature, it is prone to scams and fraud. It can often be a risk and can put investors in a situation where they can lose all their assets.  

Similar to voting and a citizenship card, stocks are an ownership right. Stock ownership doesn’t change until the owner decides to sell the stock. When investing in a stock you are assigned a percentage of ownership in the company. However, with crypto, you are merely assigned tokens such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc and they do not represent a legal stake in the organization that issued them. 

When investing in a stock a transaction fee is always included no matter whether it is a large or small amount. For large amounts, it is normal to pay higher transaction fees but with smaller investments that are not the case. Paying a transaction fee for a small investment can eat up the profits you made from the stock. On the other hand, in the crypto market transaction fees are fairly low and are based on the crypto exchange you opt for.

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Stocks Vs. Cryptocurrency

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