What are non-fungible token stocks


Non fungible Tokens have received a lot of popularity this past year; let’s learn what non fungible stocks are. Investors have been buying non fungible token stocks during the cryptocurrency bull market parallel to the worldwide pandemic. In this article, we will be going into some of the best NFT stocks to invest in, in 2022. This is relevant for investors who prefer to buy stocks rather than regular NFTs.

Nonfungible Token Stocks List of 2022:
Non fungible token stocks

Nike – The famous sneaker brand Nike can tokenize specific shoes. It is done through blockchain technology. After a shoe is purchased, the tokens are unlocked. A 10-digit shoe identification number will link to an owner identification code, which will link it to the owner’s shoe. This is the step further in the unlocking process. Ethereum’s blockchain will record all transactions, which will be made possible by using ERC 271 tokens.

eBay – One of the most popular internet marketplaces, eBay has also joined the NFT bandwagon. The company has enabled sellers to sell NFTs on the online platform. Though the platform’s focus primarily remains on dollar sales, this move can help NFT grow more popular.

Twitter – Twitter doesn’t always come to mind when thinking about NFT or cryptocurrencies. Twitter’s intention of stepping into the Non fungible token stock world was when Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as an NFT. He gained $2.9 million from this NFT sale alone. Once this happened, Twitter came out with 140 digital artworks. However, they were not available to anyone. There are 7 NFT artworks released 20 at a time, listed on Rarible. Twitter users are to retweet to increase their chances of winning the artwork.

Cinedigm Corp – Cinedigm is a film and TV production company running many streaming services and licensing agreements. Cinedigm’s first NFT launch includes two movies that are limited edition. The making of movies with NFTs can become a new reality. The stock prices of CIDM have substantially increased since July.
Non fungible token stocks

Shopify Inc – The company’s president, Harley Finkelstein, has recently announced that they will gravitate to NFTs. From March 2020 until July 2021, the company gained close to 450%. They believe this drastic gain is due to their move to NFTs. With 1.7 million companies on its e-commerce platform in over 175 countries, this company will be worth watching as they diversify their NFT-related investments.

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What are non-fungible token stocks

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