A YouTube Channel Income of 26,000

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Ben Chon left his job as an investment banking analyst in 2018, it was a job that could’ve brought him success. He ventured and opened a YouTube channel called Rareliquid that focuses on giving advice on various topics from cryptocurrency to stocks and careers. Chon has over 71,000 followers and has earned $26,000 in the month of November alone.

In an interview with Insider Chon elaborated about his YouTube channel. He said, “I’m not actually viewing Rareliquid as a YouTube channel; I have lots of ideas for the different revenue streams and mini businesses within the whole business.”

Chon’s efforts finally paid off in July, when he won $19,000 from Rareliquid by advertisers, resume advice, brand sponsorships, and course offerings. In the interview, Chon went on to explain that he landed a job straight out of college. The job was as an investment banking analyst.

However, due to personal reasons, he left that career knowing that stocks were something of interest to him. He then started a clothing brand business due to his passion for stocks and art, then applied for business school. “While waiting for business – school decision, I started my YouTube channel, which has since grown to almost 70,000 subscribers.

I was accepted to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania but deferred until next year. In the meantime, I’m spending time with family and building out the channel. Entrepreneurship has always been exciting to me because the goal is to create something out of nothing.” Chon explained.

Chon went on to share that he never made a proper income from his clothing business. He worked as a recruitment coach to make ends meet. “Now that I’ve moved to YouTube, I’m still able to teach students and subscribers but in a much more creative way, which has led to more varied streams of income…” he said.

Lastly, he mentioned “The exciting thing about creating a community like this is that its scalable. The longer I work as a creator, the larger my community grows, and the longer-lasting and more financially successful my partnerships are.”

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A YouTube Channel Income of 26,000

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