Anthony Scaramucci Says Remain Calm

Anthony Scaramucci – Remain Calm

The former White House communications director and the founder of Sky Bridge, Anthony Scaramucci says remain calm. He believes everyone should “take a chill pill” regarding the situation. 

This was after Bitcoin had experienced a fall of approximately 19% since the beginning of the year. In the last week, bitcoins price had dropped to a low of $33,000. 

Scaramucci has the following argument, in his words. “We’re getting ahead of ourselves. If it’s 2025, and there are a billion Bitcoin wallets, let’s call it a currency. The dollar is still the dollar. To me, this is an emerging technology that will eventually evolve into a store of value as more and more people join the network.”

Anthony Scaramucci has been a big supporter of Bitcoin. In an interview last March with Decrypt, he mentioned that he was solely focusing on Bitcoin. He said in the interview, “it’s 12 years old, it has been subjected to 8,300 different competitors to try to knock its block off, and yet it sits there at the top. That’s good enough for me.”

Last year, during the interview, he mentioned that he was purely focused on Bitcoin. “I’m not going towards Dogecoin, Ethereum, other cryptos, or digital assets. I’m with the big dog,” he said. However, since then, things have taken a turn.

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Anthony Scaramucci Says Remain Calm

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