Decoding AvaTrade: Your Phenomenal Breakthrough or A Risky Gamble?

AvaTrade Overview

Dive into a detailed overview of AvaTrade, examining its wide range of products, educational offerings, and customer service in this comprehensive guide. We’ll provide complete insights into their platform functionality and the procedures for withdrawals and deposits, helping you evaluate if AvaTrade truly matches its dependable reputation.

A Short Background About AvaTrade

In the realm of online brokerage, since it was established in 2006, AvaTrade (AVA) has built a reputation for itself. The Dublin-based firm has become a prominent player, offering an extensive trading platform for various financial instruments. Regulated by respected authorities like the Central Bank of Ireland and the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands, AvaTrade operates with transparency and accountability.

Ava’s platform caters to traders of varying skill levels, providing intuitive tools and access to diverse markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Client funds are a top priority, with AVATrade employing stringent measures to ensure their safety and security. Acknowledged for its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, it continues to evolve, consistently meeting the dynamic demands of the financial industry.

Let’s take a moment to swiftly review a few key facts:

  • Ava has a global presence and serves over 150 clients worldwide, offering multilingual support.
  •  Customer support is available on various platforms yet operates only 24/5.
  •  Central financial authorities like the Central Bank of Ireland, the Financial Services Commission of the BVI, and other respected regulators regulate it.
  •  Ava offers access to multiple trading platforms, including its own, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.
  •  Accounts that display extended periods of inactivity may incur inactivity fees at AvaTrade.
  •  Educational materials and resources for traders seeking to broaden their knowledge are restricted.

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Markets and Products


AvaTrade has secured its position as a reputable online trading platform, offering traders worldwide a diverse selection of markets and products. With its intuitive interface and advanced trading tools, traders gain access to a range of financial instruments. However, it is essential to consider that regulatory restrictions may impose limitations on the availability of AvaTrade for residents in certain countries, potentially hindering access to the platform for prospective traders.

This broker stands out for its notable feature of offering an extensive selection of markets. Traders have the opportunity to participate in trading activities across multiple asset classes, including currencies, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This diverse range of markets allows users to diversify their trading portfolios and explore different market conditions.

AvaTrade opens doors to the world of foreign exchange (Forex) market, where traders can participate in currency pair trading. It grants access to the largest and most liquid financial market worldwide, empowering investors to take advantage of currency fluctuations on a global scale. Additionally, while AvaTrade provides various cryptocurrencies for trading, its selection may be relatively more limited than specialized cryptocurrency exchanges, particularly for exotic or less commonly traded markets.

For those interested in equity trading, AvaTrade enables traders to invest in shares of leading companies listed on major global stock exchanges, including the London Stock Exchange (LSE), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and NASDAQ. By offering both long and short positions, it gives traders the opportunity to profit from both rising and falling markets potentially.

Commodity trading is another area where AvaTrade excels, offering a broad selection of commodities, such as precious metals like silver and gold, energy resources such as natural gas and oil, and agricultural products like corn and wheat. AvaTrade also recognizes the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and offers an extensive range of digital assets. Users can access major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a selection of altcoins.

AvaTrade provides a comprehensive range of markets and products to cater to the diverse trading needs of its users, making them an attractive option for traders seeking to participate in the global financial markets. Yet, the selection can be a bit boring for traders with more unique approaches and preferences.

  • Over 60 forex pairs.
  •   600 different stocks.
  •   30 popular Indexes.
  •   Over 90 CFD stocks.
  •   60 highly liquid ETFs.


AvaTrade places importance on providing an educational support to traders in their journey. Traders can access a wide array of educational materials, including tutorials, articles, e-books, and videos, covering diverse topics such as basic trading concepts, trading psychology, fundamental analysis, risk management, and technical analysis. These materials are designed to be easily accessible, empowering traders to learn at their own pace and convenience. On the other hand, the vast array of educational materials available from AvaTrade may be overwhelming for beginners, making it challenging to navigate and determine which resources are most relevant to their needs.

Additionally, AvaTrade conducts regular webinars featuring industry experts and experienced traders. Those webinars cover a wide selection of topics and trading strategies, providing insights and guidance. For more structured learning, trading courses are offered; those courses provide systematic training, covering essential concepts, technical analysis, chart patterns, risk management, and more.

To facilitate practice and familiarization with the platform, AvaTrade provides demo accounts. Traders can use these accounts to practice trading strategies and explore the platform’s features without risking real money. This simulated trading environment is particularly beneficial for beginners, allowing them to gain hands-on experience and test their trading strategies in a risk-free setting.

Furthermore, AvaTrade offers an economic calendar that displays upcoming economic events and their potential effect on the financial markets. Traders can stay in the loop about market trends and recognize trading opportunities. The platform also provides regular market analysis updates, including technical analysis charts, fundamental insights, and market commentary. This information allows traders to make more informed decisions based on current market conditions.

AvaTrade’s education aims to equip traders with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to succeed in the financial markets. The wide range of educational resources allows traders to enhance their trading proficiency and develop strategies aligned with their financial goals. AvaTrade’s trading courses may primarily cater to beginner and intermediate traders, which means more advanced traders may lack specialized or advanced courses that meet their specific needs.


AvaTrade maintains a comprehensive policy framework that promotes transparency and establishes clear guidelines for its global user base. Account management is a central aspect of AvaTrade’s policy. It outlines the procedures and requirements for opening and maintaining trading accounts, including information on registration processes, available account types, and associated fees or charges.

By providing clear guidelines, AvaTrade ensures that users have a solid understanding of the necessary steps and expectations related to their accounts. Financial transactions are another crucial focus of AvaTrade’s policy. The platform likely outlines the accepted payment methods, transaction processing times, and any fees or charges associated with depositing and withdrawing funds.

In terms of trading practices, AvaTrade places great importance on fairness and transparency. The policy may include guidelines prohibiting market manipulation, insider trading, and fraudulent activities. It may also specify the permitted trading strategies and tools available on the platform.

Risk disclosure is another fundamental aspect of AvaTrade’s policy. The platform acknowledges the potential risks associated with trading financial instruments and provides comprehensive information to users. This includes highlighting the volatility of markets, the impact of leverage, and the importance of implementing effective risk management strategies.

AvaTrade recognizes the significance of privacy and security. Its policy likely addresses data protection measures, such as data encryption, secure access protocols, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Moreover, regulatory compliance is a core component of it’s policy. The platform ensures adherence to applicable financial regulations and may outline the regulatory bodies overseeing its operations.

Financial Policies


When it comes to deposits, AvaTrade allows clients to fund their accounts using methods such as bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and online payment processors (e-payments), such as Skrill, WebMoney and Neteller. However, this is not available to EU and Australian clients. One of the main deposit requirements is to complete the verification process, which may vary based on the account type and jurisdiction.

AvaTrade has specific minimum deposit requirements, which vary based on the account type and the trader’s country of residence. The minimum deposit ranges from $100 to $1,000. Traders should consult the brokers website or contact customer support for up-to-date information on minimum deposit requirements.

Regarding withdrawals, as with the deposit, the clients must assure that their account has been verified and confirmed. Traders can typically withdraw funds from their accounts by submitting a request through the broker’s platform or customer support. Withdrawals can only be made via the payment methods you funded your account. Please be aware that it is important to withdraw your deposit amount in full, up to 100%, to your credit or debit card. Subsequently, you may opt for an alternative withdrawal method, which is registered under your name.

Avatrade may charge various fees and commissions for their services. Common fees include spreads, administration fees, and overnight financing fees will be charged from the account. Additionally, Inactivity fees may be charged if an account remains dormant for a specified period. This fee aims to encourage active trading and prevent unnecessary account maintenance costs. It’s important to review Avatrade’s fee schedule or contact their customer support for detailed information on fees and commissions.

Leverage options are available on AvaTrade to enhance trading opportunities. However, traders should exercise caution as leverage amplifies both potential profits and losses. Proper risk management is essential when utilizing leverage. In terms of financial policies, AvaTrade likely has measures in place to ensure compliance with regulations and protect client interests. These policies may cover areas such as client fund segregation, anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, risk disclosure, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information about Avatrade’s specific deposit, withdrawal, fees, commissions, and financial policies, it’s recommended to visit their official website or contact their customer support directly.

Web & Mobile Trade Platform

AvaTrade offers a range of proprietary mobile apps that aim to satisfy most traders, including beginners. Those apps may not be as advanced as those provided by industry leaders like Saxo Bank, CMC Markets, or TD Ameritrade (for U.S. residents). Yet, AvaTrade continues to make incremental improvements in this area.

AvaTrade’s mobile platforms include AvaTradeGO and AvaOptions, as well as the full MetaTrader suite (MT4 and MT5) for both Android and iOS devices. The AvaTradeGO app closely resembles its web counterpart and offers a user-friendly interface. It comes with a robust set of syncing watchlists and a unique volatility protection feature called AvaProtect.

In terms of charting, the AvaTradeGO app provides 93 indicators, although accessing them may require multiple steps. However, the app lacks drawing tools and only offers three selectable chart types. On a positive note, this broker integrates Trading Central’s research and related tools, which are also available within the web platform. While the mobile charts at AvaTrade are generally good, there is room for improvement in terms of additional features and functionality.

AvaTrade’s AvaOptions app is well-designed and presents a unique approach to displaying option-chain data. Traders can overlay strike prices onto a chart and easily adjust the strike price by dragging it up or down, which can be helpful. The app also offers 14 default options-trading strategies, and selecting an option plan automatically populates the order ticket with the relevant options contracts.

AvaTrade has been recognized for its extensive offering of copy trading platforms and was awarded Best in Class for Copy Trading in 2023. The platform options include AvaTrade WebTrader, AvaOptions, the full MetaTrader suite, ZuluTrade, and DupliTrade (accessible via WebTrader). While the WebTrader platform provides 90 indicators, 13 drawing tools, 10 time frames, and three chart types, it still falls short compared to proprietary platforms from industry leaders like IG, Saxo Bank, and CMC Markets. There have been reports of platform bugs causing compressed chart data, which requires constant zooming to decompress prices.

AvaTrade’s proprietary WebTrader platform features a well-designed and responsive layout. It was awarded the #1 Innovation accolade in 2021 for its rapid evolution as a new platform. The platform also integrates a suite of trading tools from Trading Central, providing valuable resources to traders. Although the AvaProtect feature is included in both platforms, it’s important to note that alerts are only available in the mobile version.

AvaTrade has made strides in expanding its copy trading offering, positioning itself as a competitor to renowned industry leaders such as eToro and Pepperstone. While the platform boasts numerous positive aspects, it’s essential to acknowledge a few noteworthy considerations.

The platform lacks the depth and rich quality of features found in proprietary platforms from industry leaders, and the AvaOptions desktop version is only compatible with Windows and requires the installation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

Taking into account AvaTrade’s substantial progress in the copy trading sphere and the factors mentioned above, traders are encouraged to evaluate the platform based on their unique requirements and preferences. AvaTrade’s strong competitive position and commitment to enhancing the trading experience offer a promising platform for traders to consider.

Customer Service

AvaTrade prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing comprehensive customer service to assist clients with their trading needs. They offer multiple communication channels, including phone support, email assistance, WhatsApp and live chat on their website, to ensure clients can easily reach out for help and clarification, though the availability of these channels may vary based on factors like time zone differences or operational hours. Also, It’s important to note that the service available only 24/5.


The customer service team at AvaTrade is trained to provide support in multiple languages, accommodating traders from different regions and ensuring effective communication in clients’ preferred languages. Clients can expect assistance with account-related inquiries, including setup, verification procedures, funding and withdrawals, platform navigation, and general account management. However, they may not provide personalized investment or trading advice.

Clients seeking specific trading recommendations or personalized guidance may need to seek assistance from a dedicated financial advisor or explore additional resources. AvaTrade often offers educational resources to help clients enhance their trading knowledge and skills. These resources may include tutorials, webinars, trading guides, and other educational materials.

The customer service team can guide clients in accessing and making the most of these resources, fostering clients’ learning and development as traders. Nevertheless, the broad range of educational materials available at AvaTrade could be overwhelming for inexperienced traders, posing a challenge in finding their way through the vast array of resources and pinpointing the ones most pertinent to their personal needs.



  • Wide selection of account types.
  •  Diverse range of financial instruments, such as forex, stocks, commodities, and more.
  •  AvaTrade is regulated by reputable financial authorities in various jurisdictions.


  • The customer service available only for 24/5.
  •  Potentially high costs, AvaTrade may charge an different fees and commotions, such as inactivity fee, administration fees and etc.
  •  The wide range of financial instruments and educational resources offered by AvaTrade may be overwhelming for beginners.
Final thoughts

AvaTrade presents traders with a comprehensive platform that offers a diverse range of financial instruments and educational resources. AvaTrade has established itself as a reputable online brokerage with its global presence and regulatory compliance. Traders can access a Wide spectrum of markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, allowing for portfolio diversification. 

The educational materials and webinars provided by AvaTrade aim to equip traders with the essential knowledge and expertise required to navigate the financial markets effectively. However, the abundance of educational resources may be overwhelming for beginners.

While AvaTrade’s customer service is readily available and multilingual, its limited operating hours 24/5 may pose challenges for traders in different time zones. It’s essential to consider the potential costs associated with trading on AvaTrade, such as fees and commissions. Ultimately, prospective traders should assess their individual needs and preferences to determine if AvaTrade aligns with their trading goals.

Written: Gloria Simone
Edited: Olive Harper
Fact-checked: Ella Sparks

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Decoding AvaTrade: Your Phenomenal Breakthrough or A Risky Gamble?
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