Crypto Prices Are Up

Crypto Prices Are Up

The last twenty-four hours have been good for the crypto market as the prices have only gone up. The market cap has increased to $914 billion, an increase of 5.59 percent over one day. Bitcoin is trading above $20,000. 

The global market value has gone up 51 percent to $57.59 billion. DeFi’s 24-hour volume was $5.4 billion, or 9.38% of the overall volume of the crypto market. The overall volume of stablecoins was $52.27 billion, or 90.7% of the 24-hour volume of the whole crypto market.

Bitcoins dominance has hiked up 0.2 percent, standing at 42.36 percent. The price of bitcoin experienced an increase of 6 percent in just 24 hours. Bitcoin was trading just above $20,000 at $20,358 at the time of writing.

Ethereum price, the second-largest crypto asset in market cap, has increased 10 percent to $1164. The coin of Binance Chain went up in value by 8.40 percent to $235. Binance Chain is ranked fifth in line as the biggest crypto regarding market cap. The seventh biggest crypto XRP increased by 3 percent and now trades at $0.3275. Solana, the ninth biggest crypto asset, experienced an increase of 10 percent in the last 24 hours. Solana now trades at $36.09. 

Cardano’s token price went up 4 percent and is now worth $0.469. Dogecoin, the 10th crypto asset in market cap, has hiked up 4.64 percent and is currently trading at $0.06958. Polkadot has gone up 4.28 percent to $7.06. Similarly, Avalanche’s price has increased 6.37 percent to $18.07. Polygon’s price has increased more than 15 percent and is now at $0.5296. Lastly, Shiba Inu has jumped close to 7 percent to trade at $0.00001074. As you can tell the prices of most cryptos have been on the rise which is great news after what the market as experienced the past few weeks.

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Crypto Prices Are Up
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