Ethereum’s Final Testnet

As the final date of the Ethereum’s merge event gets closer, the preparations are at their peak with the final testnet. The network went through its third and final test net Wednesday evening, which switched the system to proof of stake. As a result, Ethereum went up 14% in 24 hours in anticipation of the Goerli merge. 

This summer, the Sepolia testnet successfully switched to PoS at the beginning of July, while the Ropsten testnet successfully switched to PoS in June. The final Goerli testnet merge was sent out at the end of July. It was two parts, the first one being the Bellatrix upgrade which took place on August 4th. The following step was Paris and went into action today after the Terminal Total Difficulty on Goerli reached 10,790,000. 

During this second stage of the upgrade, the execution layer went from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, and the subsequent block was created by a validator running on the Beacon Chain PoS network. Which coexists with Ethereum’s mainnet.

Georli is Ethereum’s final testnet network for Web3 developers where they can test blockchain apps before launching them on Ethereum. Georli is different from Ropsten and Sepolia in that before the switch that took place today; they were on proof of authority rather than proof of work.

Ethereum’s final testnet, Goerli merging that took place today also varies from the early testnet integration in that node operators had to update both their consensus layer and execution layer clients simultaneously. As opposed to only one.

Last Oppurtunity

The Ethereum Foundation said that the Georli merge is the last opportunity for users to ensure that PoS validators are aligned correctly before the official transition occurs. This is the final test run before Ethereum officially merges with the Beacon chain in September. 

Since the network’s launch in 2015, The Merge has been Ethereum’s major update. It will end energy-intensive ETH mining and replace it with a PoS model. Which is to increase the network’s scalability and make it 99 percent more environmentally friendly.

It will be interesting to see if a smooth integration will help end the present crypto winter.

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Ethereum’s Final Testnet
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