How to Recover a Dogechain Wallet?

How to Recover a Dogechain Wallet?

Dogechain wallets have been recovered multiple times according to the KeychainX article. These wallets recovered have had the password lost as well as the 2FA being blocked. The Dogechain.info is a wallet that is in self custody of a trader. It consists of the wallet ID, 2FA security as well as an encrypted wallet and keys that are stored on a server in the cloud. 

If the wallet ID was in your possession in the past and you forgot the password Dogechain.info doesn’t have the ability to help you reset it. The 2FA is not easy to reset and you are not able to request a backup of your wallet in order to get your password. 

What is the process of recovering a dogechain wallet?

In order to get the wallet backup, you will need to first activate the developer tools on Google Chrome. Once doing so open the network tab and keep it open. In the main browser open up the webpage of dogechain.info keeping a lookout for scams. Go to login wallet and proceed by putting in your wallet ID and a password. Next, you will go to the Network tab and select API and there is where your wallet seed will be. 

Once you have retrieved the API code you can try to brute force your password. Once you’ve found the password you will have to import the private key to any wallet of your choice. Lastly, you will need to decrypt the wallet with the use of OpenSSL and then pass it through doge core which can take up to a few hours. Once completing all these steps, the funds should appear in your wallet. 

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How to Recover a Dogechain Wallet?

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