How to Sell NFTs

How to Sell NFTs

It is a pretty straightforward process to sell NFTs. Let’s go through the five easy steps below.

  1. Choose an NFT Marketplace:

The first step in selling NFTs is choosing the NFT market. The marketplaces vary on the digital assets they offer. OpenSea, for example, has the largest variety NFT market. In addition to OpenSea, Rarible is also an excellent place to start.

  1. Connect your Cryptocurrency:

The next step is to choose the blockchain of your choice. While the process varies from marketplace to marketplace, minting an NFT is relatively quick. It can take about just a few clicks to complete the process.

In addition, if you wish to earn royalties (a portion of each secondary market sale of your NFT), you usually set that royalty amount during the minting process.

  1. Mint and Upload Your NFT:

Now comes the creative part. You can upload an MP3 or PNG that is up to 30MB. You can get inspiration from various NFT trends or be creative by making your unique version. Finally, before you sell your NFT give a proper name and description to your NFT.

  1. Price your NFT:

Set the desired price for your NFT. Make sure the name and description you left can help buyers understand what they are potentially going to buy. Leave them enough information and details about the digital work.

  1. Manage Your Listing:

Now that your NFT is available for purchase on the marketplace, you should get the word out. Advertise the deal on your website or social media platforms to gain exposure. Any changes to the listing may cause you additional fees, so be wary.

We hope by now you know the process on how to sell NFTs. It is rather self-explanatory and you can always refer back to this article in case of any difficulties.


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How to Sell NFTs

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