Mexicos Billionaire on Bitcoin:

his view on bitcoin, inflation, and fiat currencies. Ricardo Salinas Pliego

The third richest billionaire of Mexico has shared his view on bitcoin, inflation, and fiat currencies. Ricardo Salinas Pliego is the founder of Grupo Salinas. A company that focuses on telecommunication, financial services, media, and retail stores. Mexico’s billionaire has a net worth of $13 billion, according to the Forbes list of billionaires.

The bitcoin conference:

At the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, the billionaire of Mexico shared his experience regarding inflation. He said, “I was making $2,000 in 1980, and a few years later, I was making 20 bucks – the same salary was down from 2,000 to 20 bucks.” He went on to say he’s been a victim and experienced firsthand hyperinflation. He warned the public, “The bad news is that the U.S., and Japan, and the U.K. and the euro block – they are going exactly the same route my country went in the 80s. It’s exactly copy-paste, you could just change the numbers but the graph would be the same”

To prove his point better, Mexico’s billionaire Salinas presented the audience with a chart showing the total federal debt of the U.S. government. The chart projected the debt to be $36.2 trillion by 2031. Salinas emphasized, “See horrific. $36 trillion, and this is on the book’s debts, not counting off the books stuff.”

The billionaire went on to show his following chart projecting total the total of U.S. assets. It grew from $0.8 trillion in 2005 to $8.9 trillion this year. “So, the Federal Reserve has a lot of assets, that must be great, mustn’t it? And they’re buying bonds, that must be great,” he exclaimed.

Mexicos billionaire believes that they are making fake money from the air and loaning it out to people. “We’re now $9 trillion of fake savings made by the Federal Reserve,” he described.

Mexicos billionaire on CBDC:

The billionaire then went on to talk about central bank digital currency. “It’s much worse than the dollar because if the CBDC is issued, these people will have full control over how you can spend your money.”

He noted that they are at the $2,000 salary; however, they are slowly reaching $20 a month. The billionaire then asked the audience, “Is this the future you want?” He concluded with a reminder that he has experienced precisely that, and it’s not a sight worth seeing. His solution is, “We can buy bitcoin and sell those shitcoins that we have there. And definitely no to fiat fraud.”

On Thursday, Salina tweeted, “Please… don’t put your future in government’s hands, you and I know how that always ends, stay away from fiat money, invest in BTC.”

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Mexicos Billionaire on Bitcoin:
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