Michael Jordan to build Solana based platform

Michael jordan

Michael Jordan the former American basketball player and his son Jeffrey Jordan have together launched a Web 3.0 platform in a mission to connect fans to their favorite athletes.

Tweeted on December 15th by a Sports business producer at CNBC named Jess Golden, that the father-son duo is to launch their tech venture called Heir Inc. in 2022. Heirs aim is to introduce a new era of digital culture.

Heir on its website said the following “With new frontiers in web3, the Heir platform will deliver economic value to original culture creators and those who consume it early with new decentraMichael jordanlized capabilities that drive ownership. We believe in the power of ownership and legacy for all.”

This platform is a next-generation company that will build products to satisfy its consumers aiming for technology and entertainment. The site is currently in an invite-only mode where the site is working on signing up athletes as it works on the product. The heir will connect these athletes and supporters through a process called Huddles.

Huddle is a program that is available to members only to access digital assets and videos filled with exclusive content. The tech venture will also include the launch of tokens known as “heir”. These tokens are built on the Solana blockchain.

Michael Jordan is the strategic adviser for this platform. In Jeffery’s words “We meet with him regularly, and he provides guidance and insightful ideas… When he was playing, he didn’t have the same tools to connect with his fanbase or monetize that.”

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Michael Jordan to build Solana based platform

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