Moonbird NFT

Moonbird NFT

The Moonbirds NFTs were available for purchase on Saturday, the 16th of April. In a matter of two days, they managed to sell $200 million. The Moonbird NFT features owls. The PROOF Collective is a private group that collects NFTs. Ryan Carson and Kevin Rose run the Collective, and the membership pass has a fee of around 99 ETH. 

The Moonbirds launch has caught the eye of many NFT collectors with its success just days after it went public. According to CoinDesk, it is the most recent collection to achieve blue-chip status, only a few days after its mint this past Saturday. 

The owl-themed NFTs sparked an unpredictable amount of curiosity and hype. It’s also memorable because this is PROOF Collective’s debut project, and all of the tokens were gone in a short period of time.

What does it include?

This NFT project includes 10,000 profile pics, each one 69,000 ETH or, more accurately, $207 million. The Moonbird NFT went beyond the OpenSea NFT marketplace volume of the last 30 days topping Azuki and Bored Ape Yacht Club, which were 50,000 and 35,000 ETH.

According to Decrypt, sales of Moonbirds NFTs on secondary markets skyrocketed over the weekend. As a result, according to Dune Analytics, OpenSea Marketplace had its busiest day of trading volume in over two months last weekend, with $177 million worth of Ethereum traded.

When the Moonbird’s non-fungible coins were introduced on Saturday they were offered through and sold for 2.5 ETH each. PROOF Collective offered an additional 2,000 of the owl photos as free mints to members of the group’s membership pass. Bringing the total to about $7,600. There are only 1,000 passes available, and each user has a limit to minting two Moonbirds ‘ NFTs. The PROOF team noted, “To join, one must hold the PROOF Collective NFT. Membership includes access to our private Discord, early access to the PROOF podcast, in-person events, and other collaborations created exclusively for PROOF Collective members.”

The Moonbirds NFT revolves around Ethereum. Moonbird’s said, “They’re a collection of 10,000 utility–enabled PFPs that features a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity–powered traits. What’s more, each Moonbird unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them. We call it nesting – because, obviously.” It is a profile picture collection with 10,000 pictures altogether. They were not given out in any specific order but rather randomly , similar to CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Club. 

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Moonbird NFT
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