New Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023

New Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023

The cryptocurrency world is growing by the day, and there are many new assets to buy in 2023. Familiarizing yourself with new cryptocurrencies is essential to see which assets suit you.

– FightOut

FGHT is the best new cryptocurrency you should buy in 2023. FGHT is the native token newly launched from the project FightOut. Although this is only the beginning of its presale, the launch has attracted $2 million worth of funding in less than a week. 

Investors are already optimistic about the initiative, which will advance M2E beyond past attempts and operate actual gyms in key areas around the globe.

FightOut is the first to introduce an app with a holistic approach to users’ health. They will be initiating smart technology to track movement and key effort indicators. In addition, they will be taking into account factors like sleep and nutrition to input into their algorithm and offer a completely customized program for users. 

The app will give users access to training programs and a customizable NFT avatar. The NFT avatar will be unique, each to its own, with no option to be traded or sold. The avatar represents the owner and is to be used in daily, weekly, and monthly competitions. 

In addition to the token launch, the app will also use an in-app currency – REPS – to complete workouts and reach various goals. The in-app currency can be redeemed and used for rewards such as training equipment and supplement discounts on multiple memberships. 

FGHT is now being sold for $0.016 per token during its first presale stage. The supply is 10 billion tokens, of which 60% will be used for the presale, 30% for the prize pool and project development, and 10% will be held back for exchange liquidity.

– Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 trade is a new cryptocurrency you should buy; it’s a project aiming to provide investors with the tools to succeed in crypto trading in 2023. The native token of the project, ERC – 20 D2T, has been a big hit for the market. 

In the first 24 hours of the launch, the token gained $500,000 worth of investments. The token is still on the rise reaching $10.5 million. The presale is due to close on January 5, 2023; however, it is on sale for $0.533.

The project has its own D2T token, which is used to pay subscriptions on the platform. Once Dash 2 Trade is fully released, D2T will be in high demand, possibly sending the token soaring.

The first phase of Dash 2, launched on presale on October 19, sold out in 3 days. Currently, they are in phase 3, and tokens are selling for $0.0513. 

Investors can avoid scams with the Dash 2 Trade’s custom cryptocurrency presale ranking system, which ranks projects from 1 out of 100 based on factors like utility, tokenomics, and developers.

The Dash 2 Trade project came about from the verified team of Learn2Trade, a trading platform with over 70,000 users. Dash 2 Trade is the next most promising new crypto project to date. 

Less than 90 million tokens are still available for purchase, and they are selling out fast. Centralized exchanges LBank and BitMart, confirmed listings with the expectation of more to be revealed in the weeks ahead.

The platform provides investors with various options to enhance their performance, and the D2T token is expected to surge once the presale is transformed into subscription payments.

– RobotEra

After the presale launch of the token of RobotEra in November 2022, we suspect this to be the next hot new crypto project. 

The price of $TARO in the first presale stage is $0.02. The second stage increases the coin’s worth to $0.025, and the third stage to $0.032. 

This guarantees early investors a 60% value increase before the coin is availible on major exchanges or made available to the general public. Only 270 million tokens will be available during the presale, with its hard cap at $7 million. 

The RobotEra project will need players to recreate the destroyed planet of Taro with the use of robot NFT avatars. Players will participate in buying land and filling it with in-game objects, structures, and infrastructure to raise its worth. The reward is $TARO tokens used for hosting events, participating in events, and mining minerals. In addition, RobotEra will also allow users to make a passive income through staking $TARO tokens being crucial for the game.

– Calvaria

Calvaria is a game that users can gain from, often referred to as play to earn. Players utilize RIA tokens to assure the system’s financial stability as well as for incentives and in-game purchases. The token’s presale has drawn investments totaling more than $2.5 million.

How do you play the game? Players need to buy an NFT deck of cards with RIA tokens. They are given Ria tokens only once they win tournaments. Players that hold the cards of the same strength can join card forces and use the power of their two cards to purchase higher-level cards. 

One of the many benefits of owning RIA tokens is governance. The voting power of an investor depends on the number of tokens they hold. Investors are the ones in control of the platform and make future decisions.

Calvaria gives investors the option to stake the RIA tokens. The tokens are currently in the final stage of their presale. In stage 1, tokens were sold at $0.01, and in stage 5 (now), tokens are selling for $0.0325. 


IMPT is a crypto project on a mission to solve a common 21st-century dilemma, climate change. The final days of its presale attracted $6 million, totaling $20.5 million from start to finish. 

Presale investors only have until December 14, 2022, to collect tokens before the token’s initial exchange offering on Uniswap. Where IMPT is to soar. The presale ended on December 11, 2022; after 48 hours, the IMPT tokens were to be listed on the Uniswap exchange. 

Centralized trading, along with seven additional exchanges that will add IMPT in the upcoming weeks, LBank and Changelly Pro have also confirmed listings for the coin.

Many crypto projects have struggled to offer a real-world use case. However, IMPT has found a way. They have built partnerships with over 10,000 brands, such as Samsung, Microsoft, and LEGO to fight the climate crisis.

Their solution is giving shoppers climate tokens. The credits can be utilized to support various eco-friendly initiatives reviewed and approved by outside parties to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, these credits can also be bought, held, and even sold for their own value. 

– Tamadoge

Tamadoge is the upcoming best DeFi coin to purchase. It is a P2E game that is part of the new metaverse and NFT ecosystem. The platform token is TAMA and serves as a meme crypto asset with utility. 

TAMA’s presale resulted in a $19 million profit in eight weeks. Despite the falling market and many obstacles in the way, many now view Tamadoge as one of the top emerging cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023.

When looking for a new cryptocurrency to invest in for 2023, the key is to familiarize yourself with the use cases of the token. Unlike many meme currencies, TAMA offers practical utility. The ecosystem of Tamadoge provides users with a P2E game. In this game, players care for their own digital pets. 

They can engage other players, level them up, win virtual money, and compete at the leaderboard’s top. NFTs represent these pets. Therefore, gamers possess them even outside of the game.

With the help of the Tamaverse, users can use the platform’s metaverse, interacting with one another as avatars and trading TAMA tokens for items.

TAMA has one drastic difference from other meme coins. It has a strict supply of 2 billion coins and a depreciating mechanism that will result in the burning of 5% of each pet store transaction.

TAMA is currently trading at $0.03, whereas it once was at the $0.194 price point, up 2,000% from the presale price.

– Lucky Block

This new NFT project, Lucky Block, has grown substantially since its launch at the beginning of 2022 and is another new cryptocurrency to buy in 2023. This platform will provide users with daily blockchain competitions. 

Investors who purchase Lucky Block NFTs can participate in various contests on the platform. In addition, any user who is an NFT owner is automatically a Platinum Rollers Club Member. 

The Lucky Block NFTs have a limit of 10,000. Individuals that meet the requirements for rewards on the platform receive the native token, LBLOCK. The project also recently announced the coin would become deflationary. This means that 1% of burns will occur every month. 

– Balancer

Balancer is a project running on the Ethereum blockchain. This project’s incentive is to run an exchange where users can easily buy and sell any coin using distributed computer networks.

This is a Defi protocol that doesn’t require a third party. The project’s token is BAL, and there are only 100 million available. Deposits on the network are crucial as they provide liquidity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the exchange. 

Balancer also enables investors to engage in yield farming. Yield farmers who use the Balancer protocol can enjoy the benefits of exotic pairs to increase their profits. This is done by giving tokens to pools with lower demand and helping in reducing price slippage.

The market cap of BAL is currently over $280 million. 

– ApeCoin

The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection supporters may see APE as an interesting investment asset. ApeCoin happens to be the most popular meme crypto project today. In addition, it has opened many Web3 evolutions and is one of the best web3 coins on the market. 

Some examples of the doors it opened are events, storytelling, gaming, art, and entertainment. ApeCoin is an ERC-20 utility and governance token. It is to support a decentralized community in the APE ecosystem.

Additionally, many ecosystem components that users can not access are now possible through ApeCoin. One billion ApeCoin tokens are available in total. At the time of writing, ApeCoin’s market value stands at $1.5 billion.

– Cartesi

Th Cartesi network is on a mission to fix scalability and excessive fee issues in the blockchain world. CTSI is the token that power this network. This has become one of the most popular new cryptocurrencies because it can manage many transactions simultaneously. 

This network aims to bring ease to creator’s programming with blockchain tech. The market cap of Cartesi is currently $93 million. 

Closing Thoughts

Now that you have a better understanding of the most popular and successful cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023, we hope you can bring this new year in with a bang.

New Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023
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