Blockchain – An Accurate and Secure Data Storage.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital collection of information. This system is for the input of information. Once done, it makes it difficult to modify or delete anything. The data in the blockchain system is organized into blocks that are chronically arranged. They are then secured by cryptography and each successive block includes a reference to the preceding block. The production of a unique “fingerprint” is transmitted through a one-way function. If the input altered, the fingerprint goes through a change. The blocks linked together make it impossible to alter an old entry without invalidating the subsequent blocks. This is one of the elements that contribute to this system’s security and stability.


The earliest model of it created in the 1990s was in response to the work of Stuart Haber and Physicist W. Scott Stornetta. In an attempt to prevent tampering with digital documents, the two used cryptographic techniques in a chain of blocks. Inspiring many other computer scientists with their work, eventually led to the creation of Bitcoin. 

Only after the creation of Bitcoin in 2008 did blockchain technology become more famous. Since then, more people have come to build an interest in this technology and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology records cryptocurrency transactions but can work just as easily with other forms of digital data.

How does blockchain work?

The blockchain network consists of a stable chain of blocks each one connected to the next. Each block stores within it a list of previously confirmed transactions. The network serves as a decentralized database. It functions by a number of computer systems around the world. It works in a way that each participant holds a copy of the blockchain data and by communicating with one another they ensure that they are on the same page. Those transactions work within a peer-to-peer global network.  Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is available for use worldwide. 


What are the benefits?

As a member to member-only network, Blockchain ensures that all data saved is accurate. Its records are only available to network members who have access by you. Data correctness must be agreed upon by all network members, and all confirmed transactions are irreversible since they are permanently stored. A transaction is not to be altered with not even by a system administrator.  Therefore, you can rest assured that all the data you see on the blockchain is reliable. Distributed ledgers eliminate the need for time-consuming record reconciliations. A smart contract is a set of rules that is on the blockchain and executed automatically to speed up transactions.


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Blockchain – An Accurate and Secure Data Storage.

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