What is a DApp?

What is a DApp?

DApp stands for decentralized applications built on blockchain networks and uses smart contracts to create a secure and trustworthy space for users’ data.

DApps are open-sourced and function with a peer-to-peer network. In other words, there is no single entity in control of them; changes and improvements go through the network’s participants.

The data and records of the system are open to the public. However, it still maintains the security and efficiency of the system. DApp uses a cryptographic token that manages the users’ private keys. 

What are the benefits? 

The most valuable weapon in our time is information, which is the basis for financial and political gains. That’s why a DApp’s first and most important advantage is its self-governing nature. Therefore, the public is running the app, being resistant to censorship and informational control over the masses. An additional advantage of the DApp system is a fast and efficient payment process. The system is made of smart contracts. Therefore in its basic functionality is crypto payments. 

A majority of the decentralized applications are on the Ethereum blockchain. Their whitepaper outlines three types of DApps.

  1. The applications that handle money. 
  2. The apps involve money in addition to more info.
  3. Applications include voting and governance systems.


DApp examples:

  • Steemit – It is a blockchain that revolves around blogging and social media. Users of this application receive rewards for posting content by receiving STEEM tokens. The platform consists of over 1.2 million users. The system also includes a decentralized alternative to YouTube known as DTube.
  • Uniswap – A decentralized blockchain exchange system that performs automated transactions between crypto tokens by using smart contracts. Uniswap, established in 2021, is now the fourth largest crypto exchange platform. 
  • CryptoKitties –  It is a game based on the Ethereum network allowing players to purchase or collect virtual cats. Each kitty is an NFT – a token that is one of a kind. CryptoKittie is one of the earliest attempts at blockchain technology focusing on entertainment and leisure. 

The future of DApps: 

Looking at the growth and expansion of decentralized applications, we can expect them to grow reasonably within the next ten years. A solely decentralized world is far from our reality. However, DApps are a more straightforward solution for everyday users to use blockchain technology.

They will soon become a part of our everyday life, helping to reduce costs and cutting out intermediaries from our personal and even business transactions. Decentralized applications pave the way for growth and development and become mainstream for more investors and users to take advantage of all the benefits it offers.


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What is a DApp?

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