What is Etherscan?

What is Etherscan?


Etherscan is an explorer giving you access to the public data on transactions, smart contracts, addresses, and more on the Ethereum blockchain. Interactions done on Ethereum are public however Etherscan gives you access to them through a search engine. By using a transaction ID you are able to view all related activity such as tokens, smart contracts, and wallet addresses. An account is not necessary for the use of Etherscan but can provide you with more in-depth use of the system. Etherscan doesn’t provide you with a wallet and cannot be used for trading. It is simply a source of information and a database of smart contracts. 

Why should you use Etherscan?

Etherscan has become one of the most popular block explorers for Ethereum. Learning how to use Etherscan to its full capacity can help you detect suspicious blockchain activity. Whale alerts are able to notify you if large amounts of crypto have been moved onto an exchange. In addition, you can see what the founders of a certain project are doing with their token, therefore, giving you information to decipher right from wrong. Whether it is a scam or if developers are abandoning their projects and selling their coins known as a rug pull. 

What are its basic features?

A basic feature Etherscan offers are the tracking of transactions. The purpose of understanding how to follow your crypto is the key to unlocking the rest of blockchains information. It’s a good idea to learn how to identify smart contracts on Etherscan if you’re regularly working with them in DApps. You can double-check that you’re transferring money to the right contract this way. You’ll need to know the token’s contract address if you ever need to add a new token to your wallet. The token’s functionality, such as how token transfers are made and other behavior, is in the smart contract address.

Gas prices are in Ethereum’s transaction fees. The fees vary depending on the block the traction is in.  Each block has a fee and differs depending on the network traffic. The gas tracker included in Etherscan shows the difference in prices at different times as well as varying gas prices. 


Etherscan is a simple and free tool that comes in handy when you require more information than your wallet or exchange can provide. You can easily learn to use the most basic features in a short amount of time. Etherscan is also the foundation for other block explorers such as BscScan, allowing you to simply transfer your abilities. Etherscan is an excellent place to start if you want to confirm the status of a transaction or look at the smart contract of your favorite app.


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What is Etherscan?

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