Brokers with Technical Analysis:

Brokers with Technical Analysis

In today’s article, we’ll be naming a few brokers that offer technical analysis as part of their system. Technical analysis techniques can make trading decisions emotion-free. The method of technical analysis is a tool that is to guide new traders along with helping them understand core concepts in the trading world.

Trading Central is a third-party provider that provides technical analysis tools for many brokers. It is a system many brokers utilize that tracks price action and chart patterns that are based on technical analysis.

Ally Invest:

This brokerage platform provides users with a stock screener powered by Trading Central.

Charles Schwab:

This broker firm works with a system called Screener Plus. It is a real-time streaming data platform and allows clients to filter their stocks and the like.


This trading platform offers a Live-Action scanner with about 100 screens scanning the market live, live prices, and analytical metrics.

Fidelity Investments:

Fidelity offers a downloadable interface called Active Trader pro. They provide customizable charting as well as trade tools. The platform can also alert you to technical signals in the stocks you follow and notify you of open positions.

Interactive Brokers:

This platform offers customizable charting for its users, including more than 100 indicators and live streaming data. Trader workstation is the flagship trading platform that offers advanced tools for technical analysis including, over 120 indicators.  


This platform provides its traders with a customizable live scanner of the market known as LightScan. This scanner can search the entire stock market to meet your preferences and filters and offers over 100 criteria to search on.

Thinkorswim: (TD Ameritrade)

The platform thinkorswim allows traders to create personalized analysis tools and a built-in programming language thinkScript. In addition, it includes real-time data streaming with over 400 technical studies.

Trade Station:

The broker Trade Center has two major strengths, technical analysis and statistical modeling. In addition, users can create or backtest a trading system based on events in the past.

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Brokers with Technical Analysis:
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