Crypto ATMs Around the World

Crypto ATMs Around the World

The number of digital currency ATMs around the world has surpassed the 39K mark. According to, 77 countries worldwide have 614 crypto ATM operators who have gone forward and installed 39,011 crypt ATMs. 

Since January 1, 2017, the number of cryptocurrency ATMs has increased by 3,925%. In January, there were only about 969 crypto ATMs worldwide. Statistics have shown that North America has the highest percentage of crypto ATMs, standing at 95.1%, with 37,081 installed machines. 

The U.S. has 34,299 standing at 87.9%. The rest of the world has crypto ATMs with a percentage of 4.9%, and Europe holds 3.8% of that. Regarding North America, Canada holds 6.3% of the worldwide total, with a total of 2,461 crypto ATMs.

Included in the data presented by, out of the 39,011 ATMs, 38,998 of the machines accept bitcoin. Of the total, 33,056 support alternative crypto assets such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Litecoin is accepted on 32,466 of the ATMs worldwide, Ethereum is supported by 29,324, and dogecoin 16,132. Lastly, bitcoin cash is accepted in 13,801 of the crypto ATMs. 

Leading ATM Operators

Bitcoin Depot is the world’s leading crypto ATM operator in terms of operational machines, with 17.7 percent of the global total, or 6,896 crypto ATM devices installed. In addition, Coincloud (5,643 machines), Coinflip (4,124 machines), Bitcoin of America (2,339 machines), Bitstop (1969 machines), and Rockitcoin follow Bitcoin Depot (1,781 devices).

One of the most popular crypto ATM manufacturers globally is Genesis Coin. About 40.6% of the machines today are from Genesis Coin. Second, comes General Bytes with 22.8%, followed by Bitaccess with 15.8%, Coinsource with 5.2%, Bitstop with 4.9%, and Bytefederal with 2.8%. also put out tallies regarding the speed of crypto machines put out. They stated that daily, 14.7 crypto ATMs are being installed. At this rate, in about 67.27 days, the worldwide number of ATMs installed could reach 40K. 

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Crypto ATMs Around the World
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