Nequi and Crypto


Nequi of Columbia is considering stepping into the crypto world. Nequi is a neobank located in Columbia. It is a platform with over ten million customers and they are looking to stand alone. Up until now, they have been working together with Bancolombia, but there are thoughts of separation. Over the years, many neobanks have taken this step of including crypto in their services. A neobank is a direct bank located only online with no physical branches.

The CEO of Nequi, Cipriano Lopez, announced a webinar with Credicorp Capital. They are a firm that also provides financial services. Lopez stated that Nequi intends to enter the market directly, with compliance being one of its top priorities.

As of now, Nequi is awaiting approval to become an independent company. Once they gain approval, they will take proper actions to include crypto in their services. The idea of adding crypto to their platform is to bring with it more users. During the worldwide pandemic, Nuqui managed to bring in close to four million users due to its digitality and convenience.

This new update is to be implemented in Q3 2022, with the separation from Bancolombia serving as the spark for the new phase of the company’s financial products. The CEO also stated that the app would be launching additional services that would allow Colombians to top up public transit cards, purchase tickets, and other services, and boost the platform’s adoption. Lopez is optimistic the company will bring significant profits in the coming months.

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Nequi and Crypto
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